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Some of our Regular Events


Listen and Relax

Pot Luck Dinners and Other Events

We have a potluck dinner every month at 6:00pm on the Wednesday evening following the first Sunday of the month. There is always a marvelous assortment of delicious dishes. Come join us and get to know us outside of the worship service environment. You'll find that we're just ordinary folks who have accepted Jesus as our personal savior and are secure in our salvation.

Our Women On Mission Have a Cook Book, entitled "Heavenly Recipes", with many great recipes which use what you normally have in your kitchen. They are taste tested and delicious. The cookbooks are available for purchase at $10. If you would like to buy one, just contact us by phone or email and we will arrange to get you one.

Annually the Sunday School Department sponsors an Easter Egg hunt on the Saturday before Easter. Lunch is served, then the Easter Story is presented to the kids. This is followed by the Easter Egg Hunt with the children searching for plastic eggs containing coins.
The WOM have held a Garage Sale for many years as their primary fund raiser for money with which to conduct missions activities. It has always been a success with the community. We did not accept torn or dirty clothes, or broken items and appliances. Everything had to be usable.

In 2008, the WOM changed the fall fund raiser to "Christmas (and other holiday) Decorations in October". This sale was like the previous Parking Lot Sales in that all items must be in good condition. However, this sale was limited to holiday decorations and apparel, primarily Christmas. And, it was held indoors in the Fellowship Hall. Each year, the sale will be indoors and may be a Holiday Bizzar or General Merchandise and bake sale. We no longer have room for clothes in our Fund Raiser Sales.  

You can always be sure you are getting "stuff" in good condition for an unbelievably low price. We'll be looking for you again each October. 
God Loves you and so do we!